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When you are writing a term paper on economics or business subjects, it is expected that you have done a lot of studies on the topic of your paper. Thorough research will help you gain a good idea about the subject. Whats more, is also essential to substantiate your views with statistics and quotations. That will make your research paper more authentic as well. But, before you use the information and data, you must ensure that you are citing the source of the information or quotation in your economics term paper. Otherwise, your essay or term paper will be liable to plagiarism.

Basically, your term paper on economics should have a separate reference section. The reference is basically a systematic process of citing the source of information. Generally, there are two different types of systems through which referencing can be done. In the first system, the name of the sources are arranged alphabetically while in the other method the numerical in-text references are used. The readers can find the source by just looking at the number attached to the reference. In your term paper or research paper on economics, you can use any one of the systems. Yet, make sure that you have not mixed both them.

You should cite the source of every line or fact that is written or researched by someone else. In fact, reference is essential in cases where you want to use the adapted version of a view. There, you must cite both the original and the adapted versions. If the idea you are talking about is given by more than one author, you should write the name of all in your reference section. Finally, if your view is very much similar to someone else you must cite that as well. Otherwise, your readers may assume that you have illegally used someone elses idea in your term paper assignment.